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PAView works to establish links to educators throughout the Commonwealth to develop partnerships, create training opportunities, and provide training and informational materials to support education in remote sensing. Some PAView related efforts are included below.

2010 Google Earth Lesson Competition

For the second consecutive year, PA View and Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium collaborated on a Google Earth Competition. California University of Pennsylvania students created Google Earth exercises based on the Pennsylvania state standards. We had four lessons that were considered publishable and the PA Space Grant provided scholarship money for the top 3.

In addition, you can view the Google Earth Geology Jeopardy Activity. Congratulations to all the winners and participants!!

2009 Google Earth Lesson Competition

California University of Pennsylvania students recently competed in a Google Earth Lesson Competition. The Cal U students developed lessons that conform to Pennsylvania state curriculum standards so that they can be utilized by teachers throughout the Commonwealth. The effort, which was funded by the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium, covered topics as wide ranging as plate tectonic theory, characteristics of hurricanes, earthquakes, and sea level rise.

The names of the students and information on the lesson they designed are listed below. You may also download and use the lessons by clicking on the download link.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in this competition!

NASA World Wind Class Activity

--Submitted by Ashlee Longstreth of California Univeristy of Pennsylvania

This class activity was designed to meet PA Geography standards and to help students identify, locate, and describe different parts of the world by using the features of Nasa World Wind.
Objectives: The students will be able to locate and compare different areas of the earth. They should also be able to determine the distance between one place and another by using the features of Nasa World Wind.

Dr. Nicholas Shorts Remote Sensing Tutorial

This NASA tutorial provides insight into understanding and using remotely sensed data. In addition, there is a specific section on Central Pennsylvania.

NASA World Wind Remote Sensing Workshops at California University of Pennsylvania

In Fall 2006, Dr. Thomas Mueller and Dr. Jamie Mitchem of California University of Pennsylvania presented a series of workshops to help Cal U. education majors explore and understand issues and concepts in remote sensing. This project, which was funded by the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium, focused on the use of NASA World Wind to illustrate concepts in remote sensing. The participants developed lessons using World Wind that followed the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Geography, Science, and Math Standards. These lessons were then evaluated and the top three winners were awarded scholarships.

The winners are:

To download a copy of the winning lessons, click on the links above.

K-16 Education Links

Below you will find links to educational resources, tutorials, and articles about using remotely sensed data in an educational setting.

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